New photo Update

Was taking photos just for the heck of it of the nekked kids...

Layah who gets stuck in the kitchen, I put down pads so she can walk on the floor better but she still gets stuck and Willow pees on them!! So if there is pee on one...poor Layah tries to get past it with out stepping on it! Layah's leg story can be found here: Layah's Story


I saw it!

Willows grandma Layah...I saw it!!! Now I believe it!! I have been told so many times that Layah (she has only 3 good legs) can and has gotten onto the couch by herself! Yeah right... Even visitors here said she gets on the couch...Well today I was picking my jacket off the floor (it was right in front of the couch) and one of the bald dogs jump onto the couch..Thinking it was Cherry..I turned to look and WOW it was Layah!! lol So I covered her up with my jacket. She might not do it again for awhile. She has issues.Layah..who gets stuck in the kitchen due to a lines on the floor. Or gets stuck outside due to the sliding glass door ledge.

Photo update!

Willows two brothers are living in Crescent City.

New Dog Food for the Kids

okay..took them off their kibble and put them on boiled rice and chicken. The pink vomiting or "spitting", had stopped. I took back the two bags of dog food I recently bought and not used/opened and exchanged it for another brand. Going with Blue Buffalo. So far so good..but too dark outside to see all the "end" results but one had an accident and it was actually formed and dark and didn't have a gaseous smell like they had with the other food.

Will update on the dog food later!


Dog update

All the dogs are now on boiled chicken and rice for the next few days. So far no more frothy pink fluids. Going to be changing their food.


Willow has the "Bug" don't read if you are eating...

I don't know what is going through the dogs..Started with Cherry Berry...throwing up brown to pinkish/clear liquid. No coughing and she seemed to not be feeling to well for about a day. Cherry is fine now.

Then Simba, followed by BB (Willows brother) but they didn't act sick like Cherry. Layah got it next. Hit Willow early this morning, puking over the side of my bed. I really love my two Bissell machines. One for the spots and the other for the whole carpet.

They all eat fine. The vomit has no food in it..thick pinkish/clear. Cherry was hit the hardest with the vomiting. From dark brown to the pink color.

update: As I type this; Willow is wrestling with BB!

Updated again: The dogs had boiled chicken and rice for dinner tonight and will have it for breakfast in the morning. Going to switch their dog food. Not sure if it's their pancreas or an respiratory disease. But the dogs are not coughing and when I listened to their lungs they sounded fine. 


One of these days I…

Willow's First Snow!

Happy 4 months old Willow, Ember and BB!


The rest of the photos will be of what Willow watched from the patio!

Now for the after affects...