Willow's First Snow!

Happy 4 months old Willow, Ember and BB!
Pondering what to do with the white cold stuff.
Lets see what it tastes like..


nom nom nom nom...Say's Ember
The rest of the photos will be of what Willow watched from the patio!

Simba & Cherry
Greeting the neighbor dog!

Aunti Mei Mei being chased by Disco

Mama Cherry's turn to be chased!

Now for the after affects...

Ahh the warm stove.

Willow is getting sleepy, not BB!

Cherry's turn. Getting sleepy....

Good night.

All the dogs had fun and enjoyed the snow either looking at it, eating it or playing in it. Well almost all...Layah was no where to be found outside..she was curled up in the doggy bed inside snoozing.



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