Willow has the "Bug" don't read if you are eating...

I don't know what is going through the dogs..Started with Cherry Berry...throwing up brown to pinkish/clear liquid. No coughing and she seemed to not be feeling to well for about a day. Cherry is fine now.

Then Simba, followed by BB (Willows brother) but they didn't act sick like Cherry. Layah got it next. Hit Willow early this morning, puking over the side of my bed. I really love my two Bissell machines. One for the spots and the other for the whole carpet.

They all eat fine. The vomit has no food in it..thick pinkish/clear. Cherry was hit the hardest with the vomiting. From dark brown to the pink color.

update: As I type this; Willow is wrestling with BB!

Updated again: The dogs had boiled chicken and rice for dinner tonight and will have it for breakfast in the morning. Going to switch their dog food. Not sure if it's their pancreas or an respiratory disease. But the dogs are not coughing and when I listened to their lungs they sounded fine. 


One of these days I will rip out the carpet and put in vinyl planking flooring..just saw a new one for light commercial floors and is water proof! (YEAH!) Going to find out if I can get it at the local big box store and buy a case a payday like I did with the Bamboo Buddies for the fencing.


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