I have been spending as much time as I can, outside with the dogs these past couple of weeks. Enjoying the spring like weather, which according to weather reports will not last for much longer.

The bald dogs love the sun and Willow is no exception. Today after our play time, I called the dogs in (really don't have to call most of them...they are my shadows). They all came inside except Willow. She was busy playing in a sunny spot near the shed. Lots of bugs, twigs, leaves to taste. As I walked towards her (her back was to me) I sharply clapped two times. She jerked her head around and looked right at me, wagged her tail and looked into my eyes. I gave her name sign and she came running to me! Then she followed me into the house happily.

She can 'hear' some sounds/vibrations maybe? or was is a coincidence which she suddenly realized she was alone and jerked her head to look for someone or did she hear my clap? I am leaning towards hearing the clapping. Now to figure out which sounds she can hear. I will try a clicker next.



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