Visit to the back patio...

Only the shadow knows...
The puppies enjoyed their visit to back patio! Willow was the first to go down the steps and sniffed /looked around then headed back up. Later she went down again but went into the hydrangea bushes and lost sight of her pack so she started to whimper...her mama (Cherry) found her and led her back to the patio! It was wonderful to see that. The whole time I could see Willow.

After the vet visit in the morning...going to drop Java off at the groomers for a shave. I already did her face, ears and nails.

Working on "watch me".
So the "watch me" didn't last long...

Big brother...Ember (BB is actually bigger)

Bald beauties.

Puppy in a pocket! Skyping with TEA.
Willow likes to take a nap on my lap. She starts out snuggling on my throat. Her little tail wags when I talk or hum with her next to my throat.  She also starts giving lots of kisses.


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