Tooth and dunk tank

Willow has a tooth!! Tried to get a picture of it last night. I won't describe have to "see" it!!

I took photos, I have not looked at them yet to see if the tooth got in any of the photos.

Ember has about 2 teeth and BB (BaldBoy) so far has "bumps" where a tooth will be.

My goal for today is get a good shot of the tooth and next week is to get some good video of the puppies!!

So far the water dish I leave for them ends up being a dunk tank or a wet smack down. Just need some mud.  (mud wrestling puppy style)

The feeding of the soaked/blended puppy food is going great! I have been mixing it with the baby jar chicken and rice with goats milk and a bit of canned pumpkin. Their stools are good. Cherry nurses them 2-3 times a day at the most.



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