Vet visit...

Was going to be "first vet visit", their first was when the pups had their dew claws removed.
The pups outing to Dana Park Veterinary Hospital was uneventful which is a good visit!

Waiting for our turn.

The puppies were vaccinated and de-wormed today. Willow was a brave girl! The boys...well ... I can say they did much better than their aunts and uncles!

Always moving!!
Willow just off the scale..she weighed in at 1.9 lbs!! Yeah! She is over a pound now!! She is a small girl but she could still catch up with the way she eats!

Brothers BB (2.9 or around there) and Ember (2.8 lbs). Ember the Puff looks to be the biggest but he is all fluff!! 

Checking out heart and lungs

Getting her heart and lungs checked out...all good!


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