First lesson...what does that flash mean?

Clicker (flash) training...

Not really a clicker but a little flash light. The key chain type that has a press/release button. No "on/off" switch. It's important  the "flash" is in her line of sight. Some of the big lessons she will learn is "watch me", "come", "sit", "wait", "stay", "leave it"...I know the signs for first 3 in ASL.

First Lesson:

What does that Flash mean?  Flash = yummy treat!

I took Willow into a quiet room (no moving distractions) with dimmed light. She was one crazy puppy! And after a few "flash n treats" she started looking at the flash light then the hand that was giving the treats!  Once she gets the idea, solidly, that the flash means treat, I will start on commands.

I used a hot dog cut into tiny bits! Then microwaved till warm, patted with a paper towel to soak up the grease. I tried store bought treats, they are small but not small enough! Willow is maybe 3 lbs; her brothers are heading to the 5 lb mark. (I need to weigh them! to be sure!) *mental note...weigh puppies*



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