Lesson Two!

Todays lesson:
Recap on what the "flash" means. She has that down!
Take it to the next level. The flash will work if Willow has 4 on the floor. (the video clip is on the recap and 4 on the floor..I will try to get the sit on video next)

The Sit: 
Willow tried so many ways to get the light to flash. She ran around, hit the flash with her nose, jumped and pawed, then sat! Yeah!! Flash and treat! Now she had to figure out what she did to make it work! After a bit she thought she had to sit in a certain spot on the dog bed! Then she sat near me and the flash worked! She tried the dog bed again and near me again...Then she got it! So she just sat and refused to move looking at the flash and waiting! She got a jackpot with that!
We ended on a good note!

Sorry for the dark video...And I did try to change the music but failed! 



  1. I am in love with Willow! I have to say, I get google alerts sent to me every day for Junie's blog about various animal welfare and Chinese Cresteds and today yours popped up! I just linked you to Junie's blog (She is our rescued Chinese Crested - http://theyallneedsaved.blogspot.com.) I am so glad I found yours. Give Willow a hug from us over here. What a beautiful little puppy!!!


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