Willows first road trip

I now know that Willow gets car sick! Ewwww... We packed up the bald dogs and one puff and headed to Grandpas house for Christmas in two cars.

While there, I showed everyone how Willow responds to "yeah" (waving hands in the air). She goes nuts with happiness! Willow was very happy with everyone "yeahing" her. LOL it was a kick. But I had to make sure she was praised when she did something good!!

Willow and her brother BB did pretty well with the trip. Poor Layah, she only has 3 good legs and had a hard time on the slick floors, so the humans were her hover crafts and transported her where she needed/wanted to be.

I had two house/dog sitters. Thank you both! The dogs that stayed home were happy, healthy and the house still standing!

On a sad note, my late Mothers 13 year old cat passed away on a rainy Christmas evening. The kids buried Smokey in the back yard. My Dad talked about "Mom" and her kitty in his broken speech. Smokey and Mom are together now.

Now to end this on a happy note.

We had a wonderful Christmas! I have an awesome family! Skyping with Tea, Chase and Ares in Turkey and with Alysa, Micheal and Virgil in Canada!
Enjoying the company of my Dad, Vanessa, Lynette, Sal, Rachel and Gloria (Sal's girlfriend) and the kitties and dogs that were there. The homemade eggnog was sooo good, Good job Vanessa! The stuffing (blech) without the sage or applesauce but the rest of the food was yummy!

It was where we were supposed to be this Christmas..at my Dads home. 



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