Lesson Three!

What's that sign? It's the sign for sit!
I had to get used to holding the little flash clicker in my right hand, hold the treat in my left and form the ASL sign for sit! Very, very awkward but doable! I also had Rachel assist with the lesson.

Rachel worked the clicker flash while I gave the sit command (much easier this way). When Willow sat I gave the sign and Rachel flashed the light. After a few minutes I was able to wait for her to stand and then give the sit sign and she would sit, Rachel would flash. That went very well. Then Rachel gave the sign. After a few failed attempts, Willow figured out that Rachel can give a sign and a flash/treat happens.

Ended on a positive then played "yeah" (the sign for clapping) and Willow went nuts!

For the next lesson...will be recapping the sit command and then moving to another room.



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