Catching up

This is a catch up post on Willow a true hairless Chinese Crested who was born September 28, 2010. She is one of 3. She has 2 "big" brothers, Ember, a puff and a soon to be named true hairless brother.

A little about Willow.

Willow was born with out ear canals. She is a wild child. When awake she is not still! She has a hard time nursing so I have been supplementing her with a bottle. When she was tiny (still is) I would hold her snuggly in my shirt till she settled, before giving her the bottle.

The first puppy formula I bought from Petsmart made her skin break out in bumps. So bought Esbilac puppy formula from the vets office. The bumps are almost gone (just a few left).

When I had their dew claws removed (our vet uses a topical) I also had some of their skin tags removed (on the true hairless). Willow needed a few sutures (the kind use for eye surgery). My vet said even with their eyes still closed and ears..Willow could sense when he was about to insert the needle during the suturing. The other hairless puppy (no name) could care less (they both had numb faces). I will keep this info in mind later while I work with Willow.

Tonight I will try the puppies out on the 2nd stage formula. They are 4 weeks old now.

These were taken at the vets office at about 55 days gestation. You can see the 3 puppies, spines, skulls, ribs.


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