First Mush

Sorry for the blurry photos..not the photographers fault (my daughter) it's the camera...more on that later.

The puppies had their first Esbilac 2nd stage mush tonight, in the kitchen!

Willow ate the most, and Ember, the puff boy, the least. They did seem to enjoy it and quickly took to lapping. Afterwards they got to chillax with their mom, Cherry Berry, for bit. All 3 puppies are now in their bed in my room for the night.

This is the first time I have used a pre-made puppy mush. I usually made it by using puppy formula mixed with baby rice and then in a couple of days add baby chicken to the mixture. From there I start adding soaked puppy kibble, a little at a time.

I am disappointed in my camera. I've had it for over 5 years, maybe 6. It's a point and shoot type and it no longer auto focus's, well it sometimes it does and most of the time no. I am looking into getting a digital SLR. I need a camera to capture little snippets in time.


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