Cherry seems to be weaning the pups

Cherry is not wanting to stay with the puppies or let them nurse.  I have been leaving a bowl of fresh water all the time in the penned area and putting down puppy formula in a bowl for them after they have their mush.

After their breakfast this morning, while I was changing their bedding and wee pads they had me laughing. They are attacking each other and acting all tough then fall over or trip over their own paws!!

Willow and BaldBoy got tangled in my hair while I was leaning down giving Ember the Puff boy kisses and playing with him. Willow, after she got out of my hair gave me lots of kisses and did something her grandma does..rubbed her eyes/face against me, then did what her mom does..roll/melt over. This will be interesting if this stays with her as she grows!

I hope to take photos of the puppies and of my daughter Rachel today (Rachel  is going to a Halloween party tonight).



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