New things for the pups

Today I purchased a new ex-pen, one with a door. Willow was climbing the gerbil fencing way too many times! While shopping for the pen I picked up some disposable pee pads (I have been using the re-usable type, and still will use them).

I set up the pen in my bed room then laid down the puppy pee pads. I also took the door off a plastic crate and put a blanket in it and placed it in the pen,  with a couple of blankets out side the crate.

The first time the boys ran (used loosely) across the wee pads; they stopped at the sound their little paws and backed off. Where as Willow just went on past them and turned around and egged them on. They gingerly followed her lead to cross the wee pads.

Little at a time, introducing them to new sights, sounds, textures, temperatures.


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