Mountain climbing...

Get your attention?

Not really a mountain as we know, but it was for Willow - a challenge.

At 6 AM this morning (October 26, 2010) I was awaken by a little whimper. Turning on the bedside lamp, I saw Willow hanging over the top of the tiny gerbil pen/fencing I bought (last week) to keep her in! Well it seems the bars are "too" close together and she can climb! She saw me and went into happy mode. She gave me lots of kisses and snuggled on my neck. Her mama, Cherry Berry, was hiding under my covers in my bed. Cherry is at the point that I take care of Willow, she takes care of the boys! She really didn't seem bothered by Willow's predicament.

The puppies are now sleeping with Cherry, after their warm milk snack.

Wishing I had a nice camera that worked all the time instead of some of the time.

"photo of gerbil fencing goes here"



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